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V.A. - All-Star Game Compilation Vol. 1 - SOLD OUT

V.A. - All-Star Game Compilation Vol. 1 - SOLD OUT

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Release Day: 21/05/2021


As we love the 90's NBA and its style, this compilation has a special concept, where all songs are named after an NBA player of the 1996 All Star Game in San Antonio, like Shawn Kemp, Patrick Ewing or Grant Hill.
Also the artwork has its inspiration by the NBA All-Star Game logo and the famous NBA Jam Game.

All profit we will make will be donated to the project "Basketball macht Schule" by the Fraport Skyliners Frankfurt. Basketball school groups promote the motor development of children, teach them to enjoy exercise and healthy eating, strengthen team spirit and the social integration of children with a migration background.

You will find the following 20 dope instrumental tracks by 20 well-known producers from round the globe:

1. Tomppabeats - Charles Barkley

2. Figub Brazlevic - Shawn

3. wun two - Gary Payton

4. Jeia - Terrell Brandon

5. Depf - David Robinson

6. Smuv - Hakeem Olajuwon

7. JHAS - Vin Baker

8. Wilczynski & Remulak - Karl Malone

9. Brous One - Grant Hill

10. Otis Ubaka - Clyde Drexler

11. Twit One - Jason Kidd

12. Django - Shaquille O‘Neil

13. Marlon - Alonzo Mourning

14. - Scottie Pippen

15. Wünsche - Penny Hardaway

16. Sto Nii - Reggie Miller

17. Bassti - Glen Rice

18. Hanses - Patrick Ewing

19. Loop Schrauber - Mitch Richmond

20. Flughand - John Stockton

Thank you all for being part of this special project!


Designed by drawingfrenchgirls

Mastering by Staub Audio Engineering

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