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Twit One - Teenwolf EP - limited 10" vinyl edition

Twit One - Teenwolf EP - limited 10" vinyl edition

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Ltd. Edition of 300 copies worldwide.


Do we have to write something great about Twit One? Not really, but we take the liberty of presenting the the album "Teenwolf". You won't hear standard boom bap beats. It consists of casually composed vocals and drums perfectly matched to the chopped chords. Enjoy 14 tracks with range of lofi beats, jazzy vibes & dope samples.

So if you're looking for soulful beats with a pinch of humor, you've come to the right place.

track list

A1 Da Nymm

A2 Teenwolf

A3 Tired & Worried

A4 Country Joe

A5 Turn

A6 Luva

B1 Twit One Stereo FM

B2 Nesia

B3 Dommm

B4 Buntus

B5 Das 11. Gebot

B6 Fab

B7 Kokeshi Break

B8 Chick


Mastering by Staub Audio Engineering

Artwork by Nam Cohen

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