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Kota the Friend - Lyrics to Go Vol. 3 - 10" colored Vinyl

Kota the Friend - Lyrics to Go Vol. 3 - 10" colored Vinyl

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Limited Edition of 1.000 copies on orange 10" vinyl.

The Brooklyn native and independent rapper and songwriter Kota the Friend has been consistently gaining popularity over the past few years partly due to his uplifting sound and unique voice and flow.

After facing allegations of abuse this past July, Kota the Friend has made this album as a way to address them and address his mental health turmoil, and it is spectacular. Kota's flow and lyrics carry this album to the finish line and provide a story of feeling like no other rap project in recent years. The way he speaks with truth adds an element of respect and love to this album, with such a great opportunity to not only feel the music but the person behind it all. The songs are great too, with fantastic lofi-based production, and some great and consistent songs and melodies.

track list

A1 Scapegoat

A2 Twenty-Nine

A3 Bitter

A4 Prodigal Son

A5 Breathe

B1 For Troubled Boys

B2 Dear Fear

B3 Shame

B4 Boy

B5 Cherry Beach


Vinyl mastering by Staub Audio Engineering

Beats by GC Beats, e-madonna, CJ & Mike Bartez

Mixing by @itsdakun

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