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Duan Wasi - Licious - limited vinyl edition - 100 copies - SOLD OUT

Duan Wasi - Licious - limited vinyl edition - 100 copies - SOLD OUT

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Limited Edition of 100 copies on 12" vinyl.

Jean-Luc Godard ones said „I don't make movies I do cinema“

With his latest release LICIOUS Duan Wasi displays another facet of his artistic universe.

Displaying a grimy Lo - Fi Combination of sample based contemporary electronic dance music. Duan Wasi is pulling out all the stops, taking a deep focus on exploring other realms of LO-FI EDM Architectures and establishing his own Language of the Genre, that merge disco, funk, Jazz, Caribbean elements, African Elements, bossa Elements in a cinematic mood with a so called, French touch.

At the same time it is a reference and resuscitation, based on his own musical socialization in the 90s with artists like, tributing the Allan Brax, Bob Sinclair and of course Stardust / Daftpunk, recorded in a vintage, glowing, analog tape record mode by using substantial Hip Hop kicks and claps.
Experience in the Field of Hip Hop Production to "build-up" and "drop" Duan Wasi uses his dedicated production and sample techniques to display ones again his unique trademark Signature.

„Its the Album, I always wanted to make!”

track list

A1 Glow

A2 Roller Coaster

A3 Caprice

A4 Interception

A5 Moonjam

A6 Solar Heat

A7 Stepup

B1 Respiration


B3 Beach Slide

B4 In The Honeytop

B5 Cherry Cubes

B6 Adagio

B7 Clapp Keys Repeat

B8 Other Lenses


Artwork by Marlena Podolsak

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