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PREORDER: Duan Wasi - Licious 2 - limited vinyl edition - 100 copies

PREORDER: Duan Wasi - Licious 2 - limited vinyl edition - 100 copies

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Limited Edition of 100 copies 12" vinyl.

After the great success of "Licious" in the UK dance floors the European Producer Duan Wasi arrives with just another sophisticated electronic Dance Album for all summer floors in 2024.

This time he is accompanied by NYC based jazz sax luminary -> Aron Bless, who assisted the first-class realization of the Album. But the work of Duan Wasi Impresses above all with its tasteful restraint beat structures. Through his work speaks a musicality which he has almost perfected in the last 25 years in producing electronic music.

Always another two steps ahead of the given approach, he creates an impressive mixture of disco-jazz elements and smooth laid back melodies, South-European influences, latin American rhythm sequences and combines them with a floating synergetic sound experience of UK Garage and 2step Beats, whose performative effect unfolds immediately.

This impressive mixture of Jazz in it's most electronic dance form is a universalistic overall Picture and thus establishes nothing less than a new Genre – GLAM HOUSE !
A silky sheen for all beach parties and way beyond - Glamorous, restraint, but elemental and energetic
Track List:
A1 Twisted
A2 Pop The Bottles
A3 Paraga
A4 Speak Easy
A5 Sixoneseven
A6 Jazzappeal
A7 Kassandra
A8 Lovesteady
A9 Xalara
B1 Level Up
B2 Sundance
B3 La Boom
B4 About You
B5 High Five
B6 Vespa
B7 Bail Out
B8 Departure


Vinyl mastering by Drips Zacheer

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