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Duan Wasi - Escapism - limited vinyl edition - 100 copies

Duan Wasi - Escapism - limited vinyl edition - 100 copies

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Limited edition of just 100 copies worldwide

Duan Wasi's new album is the perfect conclusion to a new journey into the unknown. Listen to ambient lo-fi beats with a nostalgic feel. Dreamy synths, calming field recordings, gentle drums are contrasted with thick warm bass and accompanied with a myriad of beautiful strings, little effects and addition sounds sprinkled over the tracks. Escape from every day life with the beautiful and really unique sound of the lofi beat-artist Duan Wasi.

track list

A1. Thrill Devine

A2. Serenaia

A3. The Clumsies

A4. Playa Culebra

A5. Bogota

A6. Night Lines

A7. Swing Low

A8. Jay Jungle

B1. Royal Flush

B2. Night & Day

B3. By The Trees

B4. Sunshine Boulevard

B5. Supernatural

B6. SLS Lounge

B7. Good Question

B8. Onwayticket

B9. To the Coast


Mastering by Mike Dippon

Mixed by Duan Wasi

Artwork by Ania Luk

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